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E-mio Assist

E-mio Assist is an alarm kit consisting of a small electronic device and a free phone application. The sensor is installed in your vehicle and connected to the power supply. It has a permanent remote connection to the server and application via the mobile network. Thanks to it, the user receives a number of functions, e.g. a theft alarm with a map or an accident detection system informing about a possible collision. The map and navigation will also help you find your vehicle left in a parking lot or in a foreign city.

E-mio Assist is an easy-to-use, tracking terminal monitoring GPS position in real time with GNSS and GSM connectivity, which is able to collect device coordinates and other useful data for sending them via the GSM network to the server.

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current vehicle position

current vehicle speed

access to the 4-month history of the vehicle route

battery voltage monitoring

information on attempted theft

battery charge information

information on the device’s battery status

ignition cut off

E-mio Assist
E-mio Assist

login screen

Log in to the application with your phone number and password. Multiple vehicles can be assigned to one phone number and you can control all these vehicles remotely.

E-mio Assist

vehicle properties screen

The screen shows detailed data about the selected vehicle, such as its location with location on the map (using the built-in GPS module), theft alarm indicator, battery level indicator, ignition cutout button and others.

E-mio Assist

vehicle selection screen

All vehicles registered in a given account will be displayed on the vehicle selection screen. This is useful for e.g. parents who can check where their children’s vehicles are and how fast they are moving. Car rental owners will also appreciate this feature.

E-mio Assist

vehicle alarm screen

On the screen you will find all the important information that your vehicle sends to you. Theft alarms, low power (tamper) alarms, speeding alarms, information about upcoming inspections, etc.

E-mio Assist

user profile screen

On this screen you will be able to check the most important information about yourself, change the PIN code or password for accessing the application/account. Here you can also contact us directly in case of problems or suggestions.

E-mio Assist

vehicle detail screen

On the vehicle screen you will find all the most important details about the vehicle, such as the VIN code, GPS serial number but you will also be able to set reminders about the most important dates (insurance, review) or set other alarms.

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E-mio Assist