Take the city!

Do not pay for parking (in most cities there are no fees for parking a motorcycle/scooter in the city center), do not stand in traffic jams, pay for electricity about 0,5 euro for 100 kilometers, minimize maintenance costs (electric vehicles almost do not need maintenance)!


E-mio Toro is a real bull! The powerful 4000 W motor accelerates this scooter to 75 km/h, which allows you to ride even on city transit routes. The inhabitants of the mountain area will also feel the power – E-mio Toro can handle 25° inclines without any major problems. It is an ideal means of transport for commuting to and from work. With a range of 65 km, you can commute to the city center even from distant suburbs.

The removable, capacious (40 Ah) battery allows you to easily recharge your vehicle from a standard outlet and the cost of 100 km driven is about 0,5 euro! Economics is the E-mio Toro’s second name…

A handy, lockable glove box, a spacious container under the seat, a useful shopping bag hanger, remote control for activating and arming the alarm, easily removable battery and the option of installing accessories create the perfect urban vehicle for everyone.

0 km/h
maximum speed
0 km
0 W
engine power
E-mio Toro
E-mio Toro

front LED lights

modern in form, economical lighting of the entire motorbike

E-mio Toro

rear LED lights

modern in form, economical lighting of the entire motorbike
E-mio Toro

glove box with USB connection

charge your phone or other USB device while traveling
E-mio Toro

clear, big, informative cockpit

see all necessary information
E-mio Toro
E-mio Toro
E-mio Toro
E-mio Toro

Technical Specifications

  • Vehicle category: L3e-A1
  • Required driving permissions: depends on the specific country
  • Battery: lithium-ion, removable
  • Battery capacity: 72 V / 40 Ah (300 cells)
  • Battery weight: 18,9 kg
  • Input voltage: 230/240 V
  • Charging time: 7-8 hours
  • Number of charging cycles: 800
  • Charger: external with cooling, 72 V / 8A
  • Motor power: 4000 W
  • Motor type: brushless
  • Maximum torque: 54 Nm (at 4000 W power / 700 rpm)
  • Power transmission: directly in the wheel
  • Maximum speed: 75 km/h
  • Maximum range: 65* km
  • Hill climbing ability: 25°
  • Weight: 84 kg (with battery)
  • Maximum load: 150 kg
  • Length: 1902 mm
  • Width: 680 mm
  • Height: 1140 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1325 mm
  • Front tire: tubeless, 120/70-12 56J
  • Rear tire: tubeless, 120/70-12 56J
  • Front brake: disc, Ø220 mm
  • Rear brake: disc, Ø220 mm
  • Remote controler: available
  • Alarm: built-in anti-theft alarm with rear wheel lock
  • Color: silver

* actual range depends on many factors, including temperature, mass of traveler, degree of inclination, driving dynamics etc.
ATTENTION: Due to continuous product improvement, the specifications and design of the device are subject to change without notice.